The Health Benefits of Potatoes

Health Benefits of Potatoes 1 – Potatoes for High Blood Pressure
A study has suggested that consuming potatoes each day can lower high blood pressure almost the same as oats without resulting in an increase in weight.

Researchers have identified potatoes as being the lowest cost source of dietary potassium, a nutrient lacking in the American diet, and important for reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Potatoes 2 – Potatoes for Cancer
Research has revealed that lectins like those present in potatoes inhibit cancer cell growth.

Health Benefits of Potatoes 3 – Potatoes for Weight Loss
A study has demonstrated that people can incorporate potatoes into their diet and still lose weight. Researchers studied 86 overweight women and men over twelve weeks to determine how a reduced calorie  diet with the addition of potatoes affected weight loss. The individuals were randomly allocated to 3 groups and each one had a diet that included 5 to 7 helpings of potatoes each week. The outcomes showed that all 3 groups lost weight.

Nutrients in Potatoes
Potatoes are an excellent source of several nutrients, such as vitamins C and B6, potassium, pantothenic acid, niacin and dietary fiber. The protein in potatoes contain lysine, an essential amino acid generally absent in grains.

History of Potatoes
Potatoes are indigenous to Peru, where they have been cultivated by the Inca Indians since around 200 B.C. They were introduced into Ireland during the early part of the 16th century where they became popular. The tragic Irish Potato Famine took up to a million lives from disease and hunger.

The potato was taken to the U.S. by Irish immigrants during the early 18th century where it soon became extensively cultivated. Together with the United States, other main producers of potatoes are Poland, the Russian Federation, China and India.

The Health Benefits of Potatoes

Infographic by: GoIreland
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